At Expobiomasa 2019, IPC has brought all the latest developments

International Power Components presented the brand new brushless components, from today also at 12 V

The three days of 24, 25 and 26 September were extremely interesting at the fair in Valladolid where  International Power Components chose to exhibit once again, presenting all its new products both to its customers and to the many visitors who came to this Iberian meeting, ready to dive themselves in the industry news.

Expobiomasa is considered one of the most important international trade fairs dedicated to biomass energy, biofuels and renewable energies.
As a leading company in the field of electro-mechanical components, IPC could not miss this event. For this reason, it has decided to expand the surface of its booth in order to present all the latest innovations in the best possible way.

The INNOVATION VALLEY was the area dedicated to the presentation of all IPC latest developments. The products that had the major focus were:

“EC” Brushless EXHAUST FANS 230V and the “EC” Brushless GEARMOTOR 230V.

These are the latest generation of components, and they have been designed and developed to offer unparalleled performances. Thanks to the integrated electronic, the motors become a fully intelligent device, and the world of pellet stove/boilers components finally come close to the one of the automation industry 4.0.

But the real revolution in the pellet/biomass stoves sector happened with the presentation of the first prototype of the integrated intelligent system “Easy automation control 4.0” which had a huge space inside the IPC booth.

The system, protected by international patent, was presented in Spain as a worldwide preview, and the main features are the special sensors that work with “closed loop” technology in sync with the brand new brushless 12V IPC components. This allows the system to receive continuous feedback from the components, and let the user to control the constant operation of the stove. Not surprisingly, the slogan chosen for this innovation is “Join the Revolution”.

The main advantages of this technology are:

  • maximum efficiency and extremely low power consumption, thanks to the use of Brushless IPC 12 V motors for Auger Gearmotor, Exhaust Fan, Ambient Fan and also thanks to the IoT system (Internet of Things) and the integrated Ethernet frame;
  • maximum safety, thanks to the real-time control of the amount of carbon monoxide in the environment through a dedicated sensor and relevant signaling system;
  • lowest emissions, thanks to the innovative fumes recovery system to reduce polluting emissions;
  • total combustion control, thanks to the super-fast ignition system and to the sensors for direct control of the quantity of pellets to be burned, and to the sensors to control the flame and the quantity of pellets in the tank, all handled by an Open Source PLC.

IPC also presented the entire range of 230V and 24V products dedicated to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors, including:

  • Exhaust Fans.
  • Cross flow and Centrifugal Fans.
  • Tangential by-pass Blowers.
  • Gearmotors and complete feeding systems.

The entire IPC staff would like to thank everyone for their visit at our stand.

For those wishing to learn more or request information if they missed this event, we would like to remind you that you can contact us by email or visit our website site, specifying your needs and requests in the Contact section.

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