IPC at full working capacity in compliance with measures to contain and fight the virus

The daily work continues with the execution of the safety protocol containing the rules to be respected


The Covid-19 emergency, that is still ongoing, has surprisingly changed our daily activities. Many companies, like ours, have decided not to stop, without forgetting safety and health in the workplace, as well as the importance of people, are they employees, customers or suppliers.

International Power Components announces the comeback to the 100% of the working operativity with all the law requirements and measures to fight and contain the virus. We are back to normal, ready to give our best and to face the daily challenges, but not forgetting the current sanitary situation. For this reason, the management has developed a special  Anti-Covid-19 Corporate Security Protocol.

With these guidelines the intention is to inform all the people who need or intend to access the company areas on the rules to respect, not only to guarantee safety and health in the workplace, but also to assure the highest quality level of the service.

In order to ensure the correct compliance of the Protocol, the starting point is a complete and clear information for all the employees, customers, suppliers and any other person accessing the workspaces: information material, notes and brochuires are already available to all to facilitate sharing and cooperation.

To facilitate the implementation of the Protocol, IPC has prepared precise guidelines on “how to access” and “how to behave” for the employees, as for the mobility within the workspaces and common areas and health monitoring, in full respect of the privacy rules. In addition to that, there is also an explanation of the sanitising methods for internal spaces, personal hygiene precautions and the use personal protective equipment, without forgetting the possible management of symptomatic people in the company and the measures for the gradual comeback to the normal activities.

One of the cornerstone of the Security Protocol is the regulation of the access by the people not belonging to the company, especially for carrier who have daily contact with IPC employees. In detail, the communication involve the procedure and the behaviour to be adopted in the event of loading/unloading, access to the company’s offices or toilets, with the essential safety measures: wear a protective mask and gloves and respect the safety distance of 1 mt.

The importance of these rules is linked to this fragile and critical situation, at this stage it is essential to minimize any risk related to the possible further spread of the virus.

Behind the masks, however, there will be always a smile, the optimism and the enthusiasm of the IPC staff; men and women who work every day giving their best to offer increasingly innovative and cutting-edge products, but above all to ensure the quality of customer service, the feature that has made today IPC a market leader.

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