IPC customer satisfaction index gains 7%

The company presents the results achieved and thanks all those who have made IPC a highly appreciated player all over Europe

IPC would like to thank all the customers who have spent some of their time answering out annual quality survey.

The number of customers interviewed is increased by 30% compared to 2019, this growth of the statistic sample allowed us to have a wider overview of the market.

The final result shows a 7% increase in our customer satisfaction index, compared to the previous year’s result. This is a clear sign that the IPC system works, and that the constant improvement of products, internal processes and customer care are recognised by all our business partners.

The situation that the market has been experiencing since the early months of 2020 has not stopped the enthusiasm of all those who, every day, work at IPC to guarantee a service that always meets the customers expectations.

The proof of this is the excellent judgement that our Sales Managers have received for their availability and professionalism.

IPC’s objective is not to “sell a product”, but to establish a technical partnership that can last for long long time.

And to make this happen, it is essential to have a structure that guarantees an adequate technical assistance that supports the customer in all his needs. This year the daily approach to work has changed, having introduced smart work, but our employees have been able to be always present to help all our partners. And this has not gone unnoticed given the extraordinary results achieved.

Another indicator that could be measured was the quality of the products. Over the last year, IPC has invested a great amount of energy and resources in this field, giving special attention to quality controls, equipping our laboratory with cutting-edge tools and constant training for all operators, these elements are essentials to guarantee our customers the best possible product.

At IPC we work every day to improve ourselves, our aim is to be an all-round partner for all those looking for a product and service that meets the highest market standards.

This is why once again we would like to thank all those who have placed their trust in us by choosing our company and making it an appreciated player in Europe.

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