IPC is the protagonist of the SPS IPC Drives Italia 2017

It has been shown the full range of electric motors for the automation sector, dedicated to the new needs of the Industry 4.0

Think about industrial automation with an eye on the future.
This was the goal that appeared during the seventh edition of SPS IPC Drives Italia, the annual fair that took place in Parma from 23 to 25 May 2017.

Industry’s top experts, suppliers and manufacturers of the automation world, all together to present the best solutions – from electrical components to complete systems, including integrated automation solutions.

As a leading Italian and international company in the field of electric motors we could certainly not miss this important appointment.
At the event we have presented the full range of our top products. Here are the most appreciated:

Stepper Motors: that provide excellent performance in areas of torque, speed, and step resolution, as well as being considered as an excellence for applications where low noise and fluid motion control are required.

Stepper Drives: the top of the range for low-cost applications with Step&Direction command, and for more advanced motion control applications.

ServoStepper Motors: the innovative solution for closed loop vector control in the stepper motors.

Integrated Stepper Motors: that can improve Stepper Motors, making them products with exceptional features including a torque, speed, position control and capability never achieved before.

Brushless Motors and Drives: compact, powerful and efficient, designed to optimize performance, silence, low vibration and long life.

Linear Stepper motors and actuators: widely used for industrial automation, packaging machines, welding, 3D printers, medical instruments and more.

All the staff of the International Power Components want to thank you for your visit at our stand at the fair.

This year there was a significant increase in the total number of visitors compared to last year.

The strong interest in our business and in our products fuel our passion for our work.

We remind you that you can contact us by e-mail or you can visit our website for detailed information on our main products and services.

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