IPC towards SPS IPC Drives Italy 2018

Avantgarde. Here is the word that will dominate the event dedicated to the world of automation, scheduled from May 22 to 24 in Parma (Italy)

Automation and digital for the industry, this is the theme of SPS IPC Drives Italia 2018.

A three days full immersion, a 4.0 laboratory on training and innovation. An excellent opportunity for IPC, leading company in electric motors sector since 1985, to present new products and also some important news.


  • STEPPER MOTORS: world-class excellence in this technology, offering great performance for torque, speed and step resolution.
  • STEPPER MOTOR DRIVES: from the ground-up these drives offer best-in-class current control for optimal smoothness and torque, robust and flexible on-board control options, and industry-standard industrial network communications.
  • INTEGRATED STEPPER MOTORS: these products are able to improve the stepper motors, making them servo with exceptional characteristics, including a torque control, speed and position never obtained before.
  • BRUSHLESS MOTORS AND DRIVES: compact, powerful and efficient, they feature a design optimized to offer better performance, low noise, low vibration and long life.
  • EC AND DC IRONLESS MOTORS: are available in long and short version with 2 different output power respectively, totally including 11 types of winding.
  • BRUSHED ELECTRIC DC MOTORS: available with bushings or ball bearings, which can be equipped with EMC filters, varistors and replaceable long-lasting brushes.


Among the new products of this year, we present the STF drives, high performance stepper drives with compact dimensions, with 8 digital inputs and 4 outputs, an advanced current control system and protection for communication interruption.

The innovation proposed by the new STF drives, is given by three fundamental features:

  • ANTI-RESONANCE ALGORITHM: step motor systems have a natural tendency to resonate at certain speeds. The STF drives automatically calculate the system’s natural frequency and apply damping to the control algorithm. This greatly improves midrange stability, allows higher speeds and greater torque utilization, and also improves settling times.
  • TORQUE RIPPLE SMOOTHING: all step motors have an inherent low speed torque ripple that can affect the motion profile of the motor. By analyzing this torque ripple the system can apply a negative harmonic to counter this effect. This gives the motor much smoother motion at low speed.
  • ONLINE CONFIGURATION VIA FIELDBUS: in the new STF drives, the motion profiles can be programmed and stored inside the drive, with the Q-program function, and activated via fieldbus controls.

Would you like to know more? We are waiting for you in Parma, at SPC IPC Drives Italia 2018, from 22nd to 24th May.
Same location, same place. Even this year you can find us at Hall 6 – Stand A 018.

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