Progetto Fuoco 2018: sustainability and energy savings

IPC great protagonist at the 11th edition of Progetto Fuoco with new 24V Brushless solutions

The 11th edition of the international exhibition dedicated to systems and equipment for the production of heat and energyProgetto Fuoco, ended on 25 February and IPC is ready to draw its conclusions.

Many innovations presented have left surprised the 70,000 visitors to the event.
The business companies were very satisfied by the fair, but mostly the people shown appreciation for the possibility to touch products and solutions for the biomass sector.


Stoves, fireplaces, boilers and ovens, but above all accessories and components designed to revolutionize the traditional way of heating, with an eye to sustainability and energy savings.

How? Thanks to the 24V Brushless motors and fans produced by IPC, that are able to operate with alternative energy (solar, wind, etc …) but also can be powered by a special battery.
Essentially, this is an evolution of the traditional 230V biomass heating systems, that allows many important benefits:

  • lowering of energy consumption;
  • operation even in the absence of electricity, for example in a black-out or in areas not covered by electrical power;
  • operational regularity in cases of voltage peaks/drops.

Progetto Fuoco 2018 was an essential opportunity to present the new 24V Brushless solutions and its functional components. For those who miss it, here we present them again:

  • New 24V Brushless gearmotor with integrated driver for feeder function or automatic brazier cleaning system.
  • New 24V Brushless external rotor exhaust fan with integrated analog or PWM driver.
  • New cross flow or centrifugal fan 24V Brushless with integrated driver.


The public interest on the domestic heating grows year by year, and is constantly mixed with environmental sustainability theme. This is proven by the high turnout recorded this year: 16,500 foreign visitors (+ 20% compared to the previous edition), coming from over 70 countries.

That’s why IPC continues to developping innovatives and quality products, that are able to meet the needs of all of customers, both Italian and foreign.

In fact, we remind you that the supply voltage of the 24V Brushless motors allows the maximum versatility of use of the final product in all countries worldwide, regardless of the voltage and frequency of the power network used (Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania).

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