SPS Italia 2022: IPC presents M3 Servo Systems


After two years of enforced absence due to the pandemic, SPS Italia has returned to Parma and we at IPC certainly could not miss this great appointment for our sector and to return to the big events in attendance.

With more than 36,500 visitors and more than 800 exhibitors, the 2022 edition of the Italian trade fair for automation and digital in industry recorded very important numbers, but above all it brought back the curiosity for the new solutions presented and the enthusiasm that has always characterised past editions.

SPS Italia 2022 saw the combination of digitalisation and sustainability as the absolute protagonist, with a specific space to celebrate the important contribution of technologies to sustainability through various initiatives such as the SPS awards dedicated to the most innovative companies and products in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability and the presentation of the Observatory dedicated to this field declined in the industrial world.

For IPC, this edition proved to be an opportunity to discuss the challenges of today and tomorrow for the manufacturing sector in our country and to present its innovative products and the experience gained in more than 30 years of activity in this sector to experts and professionals.

SPS 2022

M3 Servo Systems: IPC innovation at SPS Italia 2022

For us at IPC, the tenth edition of SPS Italia was the perfect opportunity to present the M3 Series High Performance Brushless Servo Drive, the new series of brushless servo drives is able to guarantee greater performance than previous series and cover powers from 100 to 3,000W thanks to its 230Vac power supply.

The compact motors with connectors can be equipped with incremental and absolute multiturn encoders, with and without battery, while the drives with Dynamic Brake and Automatic Tuning functions are equipped with STO.

Thanks to its features and guaranteed performance, this brushless servo drive series has numerous applications in different sectors and is widely used, for example, in industrial robots, medical equipment or battery processing.


The features of the M3 Servo System series

Thanks to its guaranteed performance, this brushless servo drive series has numerous applications in different sectors and is widely used, for example, in industrial robots, medical equipment or battery processing equipment, but what are its features? Let’s find out the main ones together:

  • High-precision encoder

The enhanced high-resolution encoder enables smooth, high-precision speed and position control of the servo system. The serial communication encoder is used to ensure high EMI immunity and simple wiring.

  • Low input torque

The new servo motor design reduces motor cogging torque by 20%, significantly reducing fluctuation in motor speed and torque. Thanks to high-precision encoders of up to 20 bits, the equipment operates smoothly at constant and low speeds.

  • Easy set-up and tuning

The M3 Servo system allows you to improve the efficiency of your work at every stage of the process, from system installation to maintenance. As far as set-up is concerned, no modifications are required for loads up to 30 times the load inertia ratio, and there are no limitations for any type of load and drive control mode.

  • Great reliability and safety

With Safe Torque Off (STO) and dynamic brake, mechanisms capable of intervening in case of emergency, the M3 brushless servo drives allow operators to protect the safety of people and equipment. In addition to these safety systems, the M3 series has an integrated regenerative absorption resistor, which can consume the regenerative energy generated when the motor and load decelerate rapidly, ensuring that the servo system can stop quickly and operate reliably.

These features only partially represent the functionality and benefits offered by the M3 Servo Systems series, and those who would like to request more information, should they not be able to visit our stand, can count on our sales staff, who are always at your disposal, or contact us by E-mail or by filling out the form in the Contact section of our website, indicating their specific needs and requests.

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