MECSPE 2022: IPC’s participation


A little more than 6 months after the previous edition, IPC reconfirmed its presence at MECSPE 2022 to get to know new realities in the industry and present its wide range of products dedicated to motion control and industrial automation, solutions developed in collaboration with world-leading manufacturers.

MECSPE 2022, the 20th edition of the exhibition of technologies and innovations for manufacturing, registered more than 39,000 visitors and 2,000 exhibiting companies (considering also the contemporaneity with the 12th edition of METEF, the international expo dedicated to aluminum) and reaffirmed its strategic role in meeting, comparing and promoting synergies between professional operators in the specialized mechanical and Industry 4.0 sectors.

Digitization, sustainability and training were the three thematic strands on which this edition was developed and are now the essential elements to be considered for all those companies wishing to grow in the near future.

For us at IPC, MECSPE 2022 proved to be a key opportunity to discover the main trends of the manufacturing sector in our country and to show, to experts and insiders, our own innovative solutions and the fruit of more than 30 years of activity in this sector.


Our stepper motors protagonists at MECSPE 2022

During the 20th edition of MECSPE we gave ample space to MOONS’ range of stepper motors and the different customizations we are able to develop to meet our customers’ needs and to adapt them to their many possible applications.

With their ability to produce high torques at low speeds while minimizing vibration, stepper motors are the ideal solution for applications requiring rapid positioning over a short distance, and MOONS’ products represent worldwide excellence in this technology, offering the widest range available on the international market.

mecspe 2022 stepper motor customizationStepper motors: the customizations available

Our stepper motors provide different series depending on the application or customization required. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Standard Series

The widest range of motors available on the market. All these motors can be customized electrically and mechanically according to specific requirements.

  • Power Plus Series

Compared to conventional stepper motors, these innovative products can provide a torque increase between 25 percent and 40 percent, increasing motor efficiency and not affecting the drive voltage or current.

  • Smooth Series

Ideal for applications that require quiet, regular and smooth motion, the motors in this series are also available in encapsulated variants that provide greater tolerance to external environmental conditions.

  • High Precision Series

In addition to smoother motion (pitch angle is 0.9°, half that of standard motors), these motors offer twice the motion accuracy of a standard stepper motor.

  • Anti-Corrosion Series

The protective coating on the inside and outside of these engines is treated with a special technology that can make them resistant to corrosion and rust. This coating makes these motors particularly suitable for applications in aircraft, ships, automobiles, solar equipment, antennas, and more.

  • Waterproof Series

When looking for components that can withstand very harsh environments, IP65 and IPX7 motors are the perfect choice. In fact, these products are perfectly sealed and provide complete protection to the internal components, allowing the motor to operate in all possible environmental conditions.

  • Vacuum Series

Used in most cases in aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing, the vacuum series motors made by Lin Engineering for applications in vacuum environments are AS9100D compliant, ensure optimized power consumption and can rely on specific solutions for heat dissipation.

mecspe 2022 - team IPC

These series represent just some of the customizations applicable to our wide range of stepper motors, and those who would like to request more information, should they not be able to visit our booth at MECSPE, can count on our technical sales staff always at your disposal or contact us by E-mail or by filling out the form in the Contact section of our website, indicating their specific requests and needs.

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