Inauguration of Moons’ Industries’ new plant

Moons' Industries - Plant

On 30 September 2022, Moons’ Industries, our strategic partner for more than 25 years, inaugurated its new plant in Taicang, a city under the jurisdiction of Suzhou (Jiangsu Province, China).

The entire plant covers an area of about 10,000 hectares while its facilities expand to over 120,000 m2 and, once fully operational, will allow to double the production capacity compared to the old plant in Shanghai.

Our relationship with Moons’ is based on extremely solid foundations and values such as friendship, loyalty, transparency and synergy of goals that we have cultivated over more than 25 years of close cooperation. In 1994, the year Moons’ was founded, we both made bold bets on our mutual companies and agreed on shared goals that have determined and are determining our collective success. The new plant represents another fundamental milestone that reconfirms, with even more conviction and drive, our will to continue investing in the future in this strategic partnership, both from a professional and a human point of view.”

Guglielmo Fontana – President (IPC)

Moons' Industries - Production

This new facility reinforces the continued growth of our partnership with Moons’. It will enable us to better support our customers with quality components and faster deliveries, for more and more state-of-the-art industrial automation. Larger, but continuously in line with our long-standing philosophy: we do not settle for a traditional approach as a mere supplier for customers, but work as a real partner throughout the life of projects.”

Marco Bassan, Business Unit Manager – Automation (IPC)

This plant will focus on the production of a wide range of solutions, such as:

  • stepper motors
  • brushless motors
  • motors with integrated electronics
  • linear actuators
  • stepper and bldc drives
  • ironless and coreless motors
  • servomotors
  • servo drives
  • intelligent LED drivers
  • power supplies
  • wire harnesses

In addition to the production areas, the buildings house comfortable offices and spaces dedicated to the leisure and well-being of employees, such as gyms and dining areas.

Moons' Industries - Office and Gym

The inauguration and subsequent achievement of full operation of the Taicang plant marks another step in the growth of our partner Moons’ Industries, one of the world’s top three stepper motor manufacturers, enhancing its ability to seize new business opportunities and supporting its long-term development.

Moons' Industries - Taicang Suzhou

IPC is proud to celebrate this very important milestone and to have contributed significantly to the success and growth of Moons’, with whom we have been working since 1994. In fact, IPC is not just a simple distributor, but the largest independent industrial partner at global level working tightly with Moons’ in the development of innovative products and following shared market strategies. The new factory fully reflects the requirements of the manufacturing of the future, highly robotized and with several fully automated production lines, and has been built with Smart Manufacturing and Lean Production goals in mind, testifying to the consolidated technological excellence achieved by Moons’ on the international scene. The new plant will certainly be a further springboard for us to develop many more efficient and sustainable products in the future, as well as increasingly intelligent and innovative mechatronic solutions.”

Daniele Galbiati, Business Development Manager (IPC)

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