5-star rating meets energy efficiency: IPC presents the future of biomass stoves

In recent months, increasingly stringent regulations on consumption and emissions have brought the 5-star rating certified by ariaPulita to the general public’s attention. In this context, IPC has developed an innovative 24V brushless kit made of gearmotors and fans for the production of low-voltage pellet and biomass stoves. After several years of research and development, IPC solutions are able to prove that brushless technology is the present and the future of this sector.

The evolution of IPC

This technology, which was already presented for the first time at the 2014 Progetto Fuoco trade fair (almost 10 years ago), places us as absolute forerunners in the market and has represented an unprecedented opportunity for us: during all these years, in fact, we have been able to generate a technological gap and significantly consolidate our know-how on brushless systems, testing and refining all our products with a view to improving their performance and guaranteeing their maximum reliability, while always maintaining a specific application focus with the aim of bringing this product range to the ‘state of the art’.

Today, we can proudly say that thanks to this technology we have achieved very important milestones: we have produced more than 20.000 complete 24V kits and more than 250.000 brushless hybrid systems. These significant achievements have allowed us to generate a total saving of more than 1.500.000 Kw, thus demonstrating our strong commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

PF 2014_Kit Brushless 24V
The presentation of our 24V Brushless Kit at the 2014 Progetto Fuoco exhibition

The revolution in the world of biomass heating

If heating systems were to adopt 24V as standard, there would be huge energy savings and a substantial reduced impact on the environment in a short time, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency. This transition to 24V would therefore represent a concrete step towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

The benefits of IPC system

The adoption of our 24V kit offers a number of significant advantages: from the remarkable silent operation at very low speeds of the geared motors and fans, which can guarantee optimal acoustic comfort in the use of biomass stoves, to their versatility, which would allow for a smooth and effective implementation, as well as to the benefits related to the reduced environmental impact and the overall safety offered from an electrical point of view, a fundamental aspect in domestic and industrial heating systems.

Welcome to the new era of IPC: Research, Development and Innovation

IPC is paving the way towards the future of sustainable heating and its pioneering technology is proving that energy efficiency and sustainability can go hand in hand.

IPC has proven to be a company that is always ready to innovate in the biomass stove sector, and the significant results achieved with these new systems based on low-voltage brushless technology are a proof of this.

Welcome to the future of sustainable heating: aim for the stars, dream big with IPC!

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