IPC makes a successful debut at the Host Milano 2023 trade fair

Host 2023

IPC is celebrating its first participation in Host, an international trade fair dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca. world held every two years in Milan. In collaboration with its long-standing partner IPM Technologies, IPC presented its cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the main needs of six markets:

  • Water
  • Ice
  • Refrigeration
  • Ho.Re.Ca.
  • Coffee
  • Vending

In this article, we will discover in detail the distinctive advantages of IPC and IPM solutions, from electric motors and gearmotors to fans and integrated systems developed to meet the needs of professionals in these sectors.

Water: diaphragm pumps for water treatment

In the context of the Water and Ho.Re.Ca. sector, the precision diaphragm pumps developed thanks to the collaboration between our partner IPM and Aquatec, a leading Californian company in the production of these solutions, emerge as fundamental allies, bringing with them a series of crucial advantages for optimising operations. Their metering accuracy becomes an essential element, ensuring that in water treatment processes, common in many Ho.Re.Ca. applications, the exact quantity is dispensed and product quality is maintained.

The versatility of these pumps proves invaluable in the dynamic environment of the restaurant and hospitality industry, where the smooth handling of diverse liquids is a constant necessity. This flexibility translates into a wide applicability, suitable for various needs, from disinfection to precise dispensing of beverages, offering an agile response to different daily operations. The robust construction and adoption of advanced technologies not only ensure reliable operation, reducing downtime and maintenance costs, but also represent a crucial safety element for the industry. Precise flow control proves to be a key advantage in Ho.Re.Ca. contexts, allowing easy adjustment of dosed liquid quantities to suit the specific needs of the end application. Finally, hermetic design, minimising the risk of contamination, is of particular relevance in the Ho.Re.Ca. world, where water purity is essential to ensure food safety.

In summary, IPM precision diaphragm pumps offer the industry an advanced tailor-made solution, improving the precision, operational flexibility, environmental sustainability and overall safety of water treatment operations.

Ice: the benefits of IPC gearmotors

In the Ice sector, where machines such as slush machines and ice and soft ice cream machines are the absolute protagonists, the adoption of the various BLDC or shielded pole gearmotors offered by IPC reveals a number of crucial advantages. The remarkable energy efficiency of these gearmotors translates into reduced operating costs and optimised overall performance.

The ability to precisely control speed and torque is essential in soft ice cream and slush applications, where the consistency of the end product requires accurate adjustment of processing parameters. In addition, quiet operation and reduced vibration contribute to a more pleasant environment in Ho.Re.Ca. settings, where acoustic comfort is paramount.

The long operating life of the BLDC gearmotors, thanks to their brushless design, ensures continuous and reliable production over time, while their compactness and flexibility of design are well suited to limited spaces, common in commercial environments. Finally, their low maintenance requirements and low operating costs make these gearmotors a strategic choice for commercial applications, where reliability and efficiency are priorities.

In summary, the use of BLDC or shielded pole-mounted gearmotors in the Ice world combines efficiency, precise control, reliability, and design versatility, helping to raise the performance and sustainability of machines in the Ho.re.Ca. environment.

Refrigeration: our range of fans for controlled refrigeration

In the complex panorama of Refrigeration applications, the use of axial, tangential and radial fans proposed by IPC offers a range of relevant advantages for solutions such as refrigerated counters, refrigerated displays, professional blast chillers and condensing units. Axial fans, ensuring a constant and directional flow of air, are particularly effective in food preservation in refrigerated counters and displays, while tangential fans are ideal for distributing air over a wider area, maintaining uniform temperatures.

In professional blast chillers, on the other hand, radial fans are essential for rapid and effective cooling, thanks to their ability to generate a higher static pressure. An across-the-board benefit of these fans is energy efficiency, helping to reduce consumption and operating costs while promoting environmental sustainability. Their versatility and customisable design make them adaptable to different configurations of refrigeration solutions, providing design optimisation and greater operational flexibility. In addition, the fans’ low noise level contributes to operational comfort, an important element in commercial and professional environments.

Overall, the targeted integration of these fans in the main applications of the refrigeration world offers optimal temperature management and efficient food preservation, representing a step forward in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Host - totem Water - Ice - Refrigeration

Ho.Re.Ca.: innovative IPC and IPM technologies

The adoption of innovative solutions, such as professional mixer systems, EC motor-fans, stepper motors, linear actuators and induction motors, represents a qualitative leap forward in Ho.Re.Ca. applications, including cold drink dispensers, ice cream machines, milkshake blenders and the like.

IPC professional blender systems guarantee perfect homogeneity in cold drinks and milkshakes, enabling ideal consistency and attractive presentation, while IP65 EC motorised fans offer efficient cooling with a high degree of water protection, essential in Ho.Re.Ca. environments. Stepper motors, on the other hand, are essential in ice cream machines because their precision of movement contributes to homogeneous consistency and linear actuators, integrated in dosing or regulating mechanisms, allow accurate control of operations, optimising the production of drinks and ice cream. Finally, induction motors provide the necessary power to ensure effective mixing and continuous operation in various applications in this sector.

These solutions offered by IPC and IPM not only improve operational efficiency and precision in preparation operations, but also contribute to longer operating life and reduced maintenance costs, key elements in the dynamic, high-volume environment of the Ho.Re.Ca. world. Furthermore, the versatility of these integrated solutions allows for flexible and customised design, adapting to the specific needs of each application in this sector.

Coffee: the harmonious union of motors and control with IPM

In the world of Coffee, the application of advanced technologies such as asynchronous motors, geared motors, stepper motors and control boards translates into major advantages for superautomatic machines, professional machines and coffee grinders.

Asynchronous motors, known for their reliability and endurance, are essential for the continuous operation of professional machines, guaranteeing a constant force in the coffee extraction process, while geared motors, with their ability to adapt to different speeds and loads, contribute to precise and homogeneous dosing in coffee grinders, ensuring the right grinding consistency. Stepper motors, on the other hand, with their precise and controlled movement, are key elements in super-automatic machines, guiding complex operations such as the dosing and distribution of ground coffee. Finally, the control boards, integrating intelligence into the process, optimise the management of operations, allowing advanced customisations such as temperature and extraction time regulation.

The harmonious collaboration of these components not only guarantees high quality espresso, but also greater operational efficiency, reducing waste and downtime. Furthermore, the flexibility of these solutions allows for customised design, adapting to the different requirements of coffee machines. The implementation of advanced motors and control systems thus represents a distinctive element that elevates the performance and versatility of coffee machines, offering extraordinary aroma and taste experiences.

Vending: intelligent solutions for vending

In Vending applications, our partner IPM offers cutting-edge technologies such as gearmotors, BLDC gearmotors with integrated electronics, linear actuators and tangential fans, opening the door to a new era of efficiency and performance.

The gearmotors, with their robust design and efficient torque delivery, provide the power for reliable and precise distribution operations, minimising downtime, while the introduction of BLDC gearmotors with integrated electronics represents an even more innovative step, enabling more accurate speed regulation, reducing energy consumption and contributing to greater environmental sustainability and significant operational savings. On the other hand, with their precise and controlled movement, linear actuators are crucial in advanced dosing systems, ensuring precision in product dispensing operations. Finally, tangential fans, with their ability to distribute air over a larger surface area, improve cooling efficiency in vending systems, reducing the risk of overheating and prolonging the service life of machines.

This synergy of advanced technologies offered by IPM not only optimises daily operations in vending machines, but opens up new opportunities for more compact design, greater reliability and an enhanced user experience. Engineering efficiency, combined with the integration of these advanced technology solutions, promises to redefine the Vending landscape, propelling it into an unprecedented dimension of performance and sustainability.

Host - totem Horeca - Coffee - Vending

Host Milano 2023: a fundamental step for the growth of IPC and IPM

IPC and IPM’s first participation in the prestigious Host Milano fair proved to be a major success, marking a significant moment in the history of both companies. Proudly presenting their cutting-edge solutions and in-depth expertise in their respective fields, IPC and IPM captured the attention and interest of an international audience of industry professionals.

The range of solutions for different applications demonstrated IPC and IPM’s constant commitment to offering innovation and quality in every project developed with their customers. The participation of IPM Technologies, a company linked by the same ownership as IPC, further enriched the offer, showing the breadth of expertise within the industrial group.

The Host Milano fair therefore provided both companies with an unprecedented showcase to consolidate existing business relationships and develop new opportunities for collaboration with customers, business partners and industry professionals, creating meaningful connections and opening up new horizons for development. Looking to the future, the positive experience at the Host Milano fair is only a starting point for IPC and IPM: this event, in fact, has helped to strengthen the companies’ position in the sector and consolidate their reputation as reliable and competent entities. With new prospects and consolidated relationships, both companies continue to take important steps along their path of growth and development, with the aim of continuing to bring innovation and excellence to their respective markets.

Host 2023 - Team IPC IPM

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