ISO 9001

Quality is a real mission for us.

Our system of procedures and responsibilities allows us to have transparent, clear and above all measurable processes.

The quality management system certification obtained by TUV Italia, according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 normative, represents an important recognition that confirms our company’s constant commitment regarding quality and customer service.

This is an important starting point for us, a valid tool in making our partners understand the efficiency of our processes and our desire to always work in the best way in order to achieve great results.

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Discover our strengths, what really makes us UNIQUE

Our philosophy

Customer oriented

The two main characteristics that make us stand out are: attention to quality and focus on customer needs.

Our Business Units active in the Motion Control and HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration) sectors are able to provide solutions for large, medium and small industries.

The philosophy that unites them is simple; to be projected towards the future aiming at excellence and continuous innovation and trying to anticipate and exceed the customer’s needs and expectations.

Our solutions

Customizations, personalizations and production on request

Thanks to our Research and Development division we can offer the design of complex solutions and satisfy most of our partners’ requests; from the customization of a motor to the development of a complete solution.

Today we are completing our evolution and our company transition from a “components distributor” to a“Manufacturer of innovative systems”.

Moreover we are able to manage and coordinate the Supply Chain at a global level and to support our customers in their production facilities all over the world.

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Our approach

From idea to movement

  • Idea

    Do you want to develop a unique application? Do you need to optimize your system or your machine? We have all the experience and expertise to help you.

  • Project

    Our team is at your disposal to find the best solution; whether it’s about customizing a component or optimizing a system, we develop a project which is dedicated to you.

  • Solution

    Our goal is to find the best solution that goes beyond your expectations. Our experts work on guaranteeing the best result taking into consideration three fundamental aspects: quality, cost optimization, and leadtimecontrol.

  • Production

    We are completing our evolution from “distributors” to “manufacturers of innovative systems”. Today we manage large customers and high volumes, but our flexibility also allows us to be alongside smaller businesses that are under development and to supply and support our customers in their production facilities all over the world.

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