Small gestures for a greener future

IPC – International Power Components S.r.l. is committed to creating a sustainable future, contributing to the evolution of the socio-economic system and safeguarding the environment.

As a family-run company, responsibilities towards our employees and business partners, as well as the community and the environment, are aspects to which we pay the utmost attention and care.

Over the years, this commitment has translated into many initiatives, from reducing the use of non-sustainable materials in our offices to combating waste.

A Plastic Free Future

IPC is increasingly moving towards a plastic free logic and has decided to provide each of its employees with a flask that can be used several times instead of disposable plastic bottles and cups.

This initiative aims to raise environmental awareness in order to reduce the production of waste and in particular of plastic, a material now easily replaced by compostable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The flasks, which are very light and personalised with the IPC logo, are a small step towards encouraging sustainable behaviour in line with the principles of environmental responsibility.

The company has also equipped its offices with water dispensers with a water purifier, allowing its employees to fill their own water bottles, reducing the environmental impact and saving money.

Eco-friendly coffee breaks

How to make green one of the most ‘solemn’ moments of the day in the office? Thanks to a few simple measures that in recent years have

made it possible to reduce the production of plastic waste.

For some time now, in fact, plastic cups and scoops have been replaced by cups and spoons made of recyclable paper, a small gesture that, if adopted in all companies, would greatly reduce the use of plastic, one of the main threats to the environment.

Company garden

The spread of company gardens is a growing phenomenon and IPC has also dedicated a small plot of land to the cultivation of vegetables and aromatic plants.

These are available to all employees and those who wish can take care of a small plot to put the principles of sustainable and organic horticulture into practice.

IPC’s path towards a more sustainable future

The interest in a green approach is at the basis of IPC’s willingness to embark on a path to make its own reality more sustainable from a social, economic and environmental point of view and to increase the awareness of its partners towards these issues.

This path will subsequently lead to the evaluation, by external subjects recognised at European and world level, of the degree of sustainability achieved by IPC in the various areas involved and to further initiatives to become increasingly eco-sustainable.