Motors. Systems. SOLUTIONS.

From distributors of components to “suppliers of solutions”. Today IPC is a recognized leader in the field of supplying fans, smoke extractors, gear motors and complete systems dedicated to the world of pellet-biomass heating. Thanks to our R&D department, our state of the art laboratory and our internal production line we do not only “sell products”, but offer technical analysis, a design service, sub systems manufacturing and complete and functional tests.

IPC-HVAC_Know how


Over thirty years of “hands on” experience with HVAC systems have allowed us to develop an in-depth knowledge of several applications (from pellet stoves to biomass fireplaces, etc.). We are aware of application issues and specific problems, and this know-how allows us to be an ideal partner for your solutions.

  • Know-how
  • Custom solutions

    We develop and realize completely customized or personalized mechatronic systems to meet the needs of manufacturers of HVACR machinery.We can supply sub systems “ready for assembly” in your application.

  • Custom solutions
  • IPC-HVAC-Logistica


    Our flexibility is not limited to design and production; we can offer safety stocks of material upon request in order to be able to provide our partners with a reactive supply chain that can be managed also through kanban.

  • Logistics
  • Ventilation

    Our models can be equipped with: ASYNCHRONOUS EXTERNAL ROTOR 230V AC - SHADED POLE 230V AC - INDUCTION 230V AC - BRUSHLESS 230V EC and BRUSHLESS 12V E 24V DC motors.“Air tight” versions are also available for hermetic stoves.

  • Ventilation
  • Die casting

    We design and realize a wide range of standard and customized housings in aluminium or in steel as well as die casted metal parts: housings and elbows;  internal parts and aesthetic metal parts; pellet loading feeders, etc.

  • Die casting
    • Research and Development

      Solutions for all applications

      Our innovative solutions have been born from the experience which has been accumulated by our engineers and technicians in over thirty years in the HVAC sector; what makes us stand out is the professionalism and the expertise acquired through thousands of projects realized by studying the customer’s application in detail.

      Our R&D department possesses a deep knowledge of the issues and peculiarities of every specific application in the heating sector, and it is thanks to this expertise and exclusive specialization that IPC is today recognized as a European leader for the production of components and mechatronic systems dedicated to the world of biomass/pellet.
      This unique combination of know-how and technology allows us to propose special and customized solutions and always keep the best cost/performance ratio.

      The Laboratory

      The most advanced instrumentation at your service.

      Just in the last year, more than 500.000€ have been invested to provide this strategic company department with the most modern equipment to perform tests, product developments and to invent solutions that are increasingly avant-garde. Today our laboratory represents the highlight of our reality.

      All our technology is used in developing solutions that allow our partners to be ”one step ahead”. Besides the numerous testing workbenches and last generation instruments , that allow our staff to carry out numerous trials and develop components and solutions every day, the laboratory is equipped with an aeraulic tunnel, noise chamber, climatic chamber and an industrial-style 3D printer.

      Discover the products dedicated to HVACR

      The vastest range of solutions for heating, ventilation and refrigeration.

      Our approach

      From idea to movement

      • Idea

        Do you want to develop a unique application? Do you need to optimize your system or your machine? We have all the experience and expertise to help you.

      • Project

        Our team is at your disposal to find the best solution; whether it’s about customizing a component or optimizing a system, we develop a project which is dedicated to you.

      • Solution

        Our goal is to find the best solution that goes beyond your expectations. Our experts work on guaranteeing the best result taking into consideration three fundamental aspects: quality, cost optimization, and leadtimecontrol.

      • Production

        We are completing our evolution from “distributors” to “manufacturers of innovative systems”. Today we manage large customers and high volumes, but our flexibility also allows us to be alongside smaller businesses that are under development and to supply and support our customers in their production facilities all over the world.

      The Production

      From “distributors” to “producers”

      36 years ago we started selling products; today we are a leader in design, development and production of components and systems for the HVACR sector.

      With the grand opening of our new productive unit and the new warehouse, in addition to the historical headquarters, today many of our high quality solutions are produced, assembled and tested internally.

      With the arrival of the new balancing machine, other products can be managed completely under the control of our expert operators. This allows us to continuously satisfy the customer’s needs as best as we can, increasing our flexibility and reducing supply lead times.


      The process at the centre of IPC.

      IPC’s search for quality always comes first; ISO 9001 certification is just a starting point for us.

      Attention to detail is a constant commitment for all our staff, from production to logistics, from sales to customer service.

      For this we constantly invest in training and instrumentation, our products are not the only thing that has to pass continuous tests and trials; all our processes must be transparent, clear and measurable.

      Do you want to find your solution?

      Phone, write an e-mail, start a conversation. Our staff are always available.