We design and develop systems and solutions for typical biomass fireplace applications;our axial, centrifugal and cross-flow fans have been used for many years the in top range products belonging to the market of pellet fireplaces.
IPC not only proposes components, but supplies solutions; it is possible to request PREASSEMBLED ventilation KITS. In this case fans already come assembled on standard or customized bases or frames and this allows a fast and easy integration of the system inside the customer’s fireplace; a practical and efficient solution which can help save time in the final assembly of the product.

Ambient ventilation

IPC proposes a wide range of products for ventilation dedicated to the manufacturers of pellet – biomass fireplaces. Our proposals include: high efficiency BRUSHLESS 12V and 24V motors that guarantee low consumption; fans with custom blades specifically designed to increase maximum airflow and reduce the noise levels of the system. All our cross.flow, axial and radial fans can be personalized according to customer needs.


For canalization needs in biomass fireplaces a vast range of SINGLE or DOUBLE suction fans is available that can be personalized according to customer demands. Centrifugal fans are available with different sizes for canalization: diametre 60 mm, 80 mm or with a square output  terminal.

In all IPC products every detail is treated with attention, for instance the grommets are ANTI-VIBRATION and made of silicon, while the ball bearings are top quality and HIGH PERFORMANCE.

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