Today IPC is a reference point in the European market, for all manufacturers of pellet/ biomass boilers. Our R&D department boasts over twenty years of experience in HVACR components, and develops products and innovative solutions for the particular needs of this sector; for example in the new exhaust fan with an 230V EC motor with very high efficiency, reaches 4000 rpm, with an integrated control driver that makes it possible to obtain a precise regulation in speed and final performance.
We are specialized is supplying complete personalized systems that are ready to be mounted; it is possible to ask for a motor with a fan coupled with a steel or aluminium die-casted housing (standard or also customized). The system is tested internally to guarantee constant airflow and maximum silence.

Smoke extraction

Smoke extraction is the most important component since it is 100% active during all the functional phases. In IPC we make components that have been studied to guarantee safety and a perfect combustion cycle; all the materials used are of top quality; ball bearings, lubricants and gaskets are chosen and tested with attention. IPC’s products are also certified by specialized bodies and are compliant with the EN 60335 normative.
Attention to detail is an essential characteristic in the development of our products; the blades are designed to supply maximum performance, and their balancing is executed with maximum attention. The housings have been designed by our R&D department to guarantee resistance, efficiency and above all minimal noise.

Brazier cleaning

The most evolved biomass pellet heating systems –are equipped with an automatic system for cleaning of the brazier. IPC’s gear motors available in MONO or BI-DIRECTIONAL versions, with or without a anti-reverse (micro) device, represent the best choice as they guarantee low consumption, reliability and low noise that are second to none.The efficiency of our components guarantee a perfect functionality in every circumstance making the automatic cleaning, rapid and safe.

Pellet feeding

We develop components (gear motors from 1 to 5 RPM) and also complete solutions ready for assembly (for example: gear motors with an aluminum feeder and worm screw for feeding) according to our partner’s needs. We have designed ad hoc solutions for pellet CONTINUOUS FEEDING; compared to standard components, IPC’s systems significantly increase the precision of feeding, which allows a more efficient and a greater pellet combustion.

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