With over twenty years of “hands on” experience in all the applications used  n pellet/ biomass stoves, IPC is now the leader in the components and systems market in this niche of the heating sector.
The gained experience allows us to develop specific solutions for the manufacturers of HVACR systems, and for the market of pellet stoves and biomass fireplaces; we design and make innovative components by using avant-garde technologies. Our BRUSHLESS gear motors for CONTINUOUS loading and our EC 230V fans for smoke extraction are today the benchmark reference among all the most famous manufacturers of biomass systems.

Pellet loading

We develop components (gear motors from 1 to 5 RPM) and also complete solutions that are ready for assembly (for example: gear motors with a complete aluminium die-casted feeding system) according to our partner’s needs.

Our gear motors can be driven also at a low voltage and supply a CONSTANT TORQUE even at low speed; the gear trains have specifically been realized in order to obtain the best performance and limit the wear as much as possible, guaranteeing a long life to the components as well as the lowest possible noise levels.
We have designed ad hoc solutions for pellet CONTINUOUS LOADING t; compared to standard components, IPC’s systems increase loading precision rather significantly, a more efficient management and a greater combustion performance are allowed.

Ambient ventilation

The in-depth knowledge of all the problems and the criticality of the applications used in pellet -biomass stoves is at the foundation of our success in designing and realizing systems for ambient  ventilation.
Today IPC proposes the widest choice of products for ventilation in this niche and our R&D team which is in constant growth designs innovative solutions that redefine the market standards.
Our proposals include;high efficiency BRUSHLESS 12V and 24V motors that guarantee low consumption; custom blades specifically designed to increase maximum airflow and a great possibility of choice and personalization for all centrifugal, cross flow, axial and radial fans.

Smoke extraction

The suction and disposal of discarded fumes is vitally important to the the pellet heating system as a failure in the system could provoke leakages of harmful substances into the environment.
The smoke extractor is the most important component since it is active at 100% during all the functioning phases of the stove. In IPC we make components that have been studied to guarantee safety and a perfect combustion cycle; all the materials used are of top quality; ball bearings, lubricants and gaskets have been chosen and tested with great attention. The final IPC product is also certified by specialized bodies and in compliance with the EN 60335 normative.
Attention to detail is an essential characteristic in the development of our products; the blades are designed to supply maximum performance, and their balancing is executed with maximum care. The housings are designed by our R&D department to guarantee resistance, efficiency and especially low noise.


mands of canalization in biomass stoves a wide range of fans is available with SINGLE or DOUBLE suction that can be personalized according to the customer’s needs.
The centrifugal fans are available in different sizes for canalization: 60 mm diametre, 80 mm or with a SQUARE output terminal.
In IPC’s products every detail is treated with attention; for instance the grommets are in silicon material and are ANTI-VIBRATION, while the ball bearings are always top quality and have HIGH PERFORMANCE.

Brazier cleaning

The most evolved biomass pellet heating systems –are equipped with an automatic system for cleaning of the brazier. IPC’s gear motors available in MONO or BI-DIRECTIONAL versions, with or without a anti-reverse (micro) device, represent the best choice as they guarantee low consumption, reliability and low noise that are second to none.
The efficiency of our components guarantee a perfect functionality in every circumstance making the automatic cleaning, rapid and safe.

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