Industrial Refrigeration

We are recognised for innovation and quality in the development of industrial refrigeration components. Our expertise extends from the design of high-efficiency motors and specialised fans to advanced control systems, all focused on optimising performance and energy efficiency. We are committed to customising our components to meet our customers' specific needs, while ensuring durability and reliability, even under the most challenging operating conditions.

Commercial Refrigeration

We have extensive experience in the development of commercial refrigeration components and specialise in high-efficiency motors and state-of-the-art fans. We provide perfect solutions for a wide variety of applications (including refrigerated counters and refrigerated display cabinets), and our high level of expertise in customising these products to specific customer requirements has been and still is a key aspect of our commercial refrigeration offering.

Condensing Units

In recent years, we have gained in-depth experience in developing components for condensing units, emphasising efficiency, reliability and innovation. We focus on creating customised products that improve the performance of condensing units in various sectors, from commercial to industrial. Our customer-oriented approach allows us to understand and meet their specific needs, offering a wide range of energy-efficient solutions, thus reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

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