Even if we are dealing with different applications, there are several points in common among the solutions for automation of agricultural and electric tools used in gardening and construction.
One of the most important aspects is that the components of motion control are able to dispense extremely high levels of power without weighing the machine down too much. Very often it is a matter of battery tools that must be held in the hand even for long periods of time (for instance: shears, harvesters, drills, etc).
We have developed a wide range of products that function at a LOW VOLTAGE, whose characteristics have been deliberately designed in order to guarantee use in battery tools, also meant for professional use.

Naturally solutions are also available for different applications, for example we have a complete range of motors with brushes with up to a 52mm diametre that adjust to any type of function that requires sturdiness and long life.
Stepper and brushless solutions complete our range for machinery such as seeders, dosing systems and modern milk collection devices that increasingly require automation and motion technologies.

Harvest and pruning machines

Our solutions are designed to be light, to work at LOW VOLTAGE, and absorb less current; these features are particularly appreciated by electric tools manufacturers in the agricultural field, as they allow them to make products that are easy to handle (due to low weight and dimensions); moreover they assure greater working time due to the fact that they absorb less current and the battery lasts longer.
These solutions can be used in tools such as shears, electric scissors and other tools for assisted pruning. Upon request we can equip the motor with a gear box, in this way our components represent the perfect solution for electric combs or harvesters.

Construction hand tools

IPC proposes specific products for electric tools with a mains power supply and with a battery supply.
Our universal auto-ventilated motors guarantee high power (up to 900W), have a elevated cost/benefit ratio and have the possibility of being able to replace the brushes once consumed and are the best choice for mains supply appliances.

For the needs of manufacturers of battery electric tools, IPC has developed a series of brushless motors with: small size (up to 50mm diametre), low weight (until 350g), high mechanical power (1,1kW at 12000rpm) and that guarantee a high torque even at low speeds.

It is possible to request solutions that are equipped with an integrated drive for speed and control torque.

Gardening tools

The brushless motors proposed by IPC offer multiple advantages among which: compact dimensions, low weight (up to 350g), sturdiness (guaranteed by the choice of suitable materials to resist considerable mechanical stress and can supply high power (up to 1.1kW at 12000rpm).

Our components can also count on the best quality price ratio which is available on the market today. Additionally our solutions can have an integrated drive and they can be designed to be powered by a battery with a voltage up to 48Vdc.

Automatic strapping machines

These machines are used for tensioning and welding of a strap in heavy duty conditions and in environments that are often dusty. For this IPC offers solutions with a double ball bearing in order to increase the resistance to radial loads; or with brushless motors (sensorless or with hall sensors) that guarantee a constant supply of mechanical power even at low speeds or our brushless slotless motors.

Tools for metal sheet processing

Our line of BRUSHLESS DC MOTORS (with or without an INTEGRATED DRIVER) and GEAR MOTORS, have been specifically studied to function at a LOW VOLTAGE and to have features that can be adapted to equip all battery tools used for metal processing.
Among the main characteristics we can find: the capacity to generate RAPID ACCELERATIONS and DECELERATIONS, MAXIMUM POWER/VOLUME ratio, BEST SMOOTHNESS in the power supply, LOWEST TEMPERATURE rise.

Automated milking machines

In automatic positioning applications for cow milking, IPC offers intelligent servo solutions with communication protocol, Industrial Ethernet and Field bus.
Our latest generation components guarantee a rapid feedback from the system, high precision and efficiency. MOONS servo products have also features like Anti vibration, online Auto tuning, positioning charts and autonomous Q programming.

Seeders and fertilizers distribution systems

More and more automized solutions are used in the agricultural sector, our stepper and brushless motors are used in applications like seed dosage.

The motors can be supplied in IP65 versions and with special precautions for corrosive environments or saline presence.

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