The first applications related to industrial buildings merged with different technologies especially in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and security areas, but now we are able to control many other aspects of building management. The technological relapse from the building automation sector has developed a further branch in automation called “home automation”.
Even if the two specializations have different objectives, they have many things in common when integrated solutions are designed in order to carry out specialistic functions. IPC’s proposals go from brushless to servo-stepper motors, but also stepper and gear motors are generally also used.

Lift automation

Opening and closing of sliding doors in lifts is an application that needs particular attention; in addition to being reliable and safe, the electromechanical components must guarantee smooth movements and constant performances in time.

IPC has developed a Direct Drive brushless motor type in order to obtain maximum silence and efficiency, on top of its fundamental features.

Gates and automatic barriers

We have a long experience in the supply of brushed DC motors for gates and barriers. Since 2014 we have introduced our brushless motors in these markets, initially used for barrier applications where the best control and efficiency immediately justified this new technology.

Automatic warehouses

The operations inside automatic warehouses have been realized with our stepper motors complete with brakes and an encoder without using gearboxes. This solution allows us to obtain a longer machinery lifetime and reduced costs compared to the standard offers on the market.


There are many characteristics that must be taken into consideration when designing a solution for the movement of a stair lift. The electromechanical components must be able to supply great fluidity in movement, a high torque and be as silent as possible.

Our brake-equipped BLDC motors are used in these applications because, in addition to these characteristics, they can guarantee topclass operative reliability and functional safety .

Automatic doors and windows

Two applications that have a lot in common; the automation of the opening/closing of sliding doors or for windows require particular attention to the maximum silence of mechatronic components, that must guarantee fluid movement and perfect accuracy in execution.

Our solutions can be completed with an encoder to ensure total control of the motor and by EMC filters that prevent disturbances from other nearby electronic devices. We develop ad hoc components for motion control of standard or bottom-hinged windows in which our DC brushed motor can be equipped with a worm shaft.

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