We can boast a long experience in the design of motors for professional devices for domestic use. The needs of our customers are always different and our solutions always adapt to the peculiarities that the application requires, we can count on a very wide range of motors; for example we can provide turbines (single-stage, two-staged, with or without a conveyor, through flow or bypass), motors/stepper gear motors (for every type of positioning), motors/brushless gear motors (to minimize the current absorption), universal motors (for electric appliances powered in alternated current), synchronous motors/ gear motors (for all the applications where very low speeds are needed but with MAXIMUM silence).

Our components are designed to guarantee not only reduced size and weight, but also to ensure maximum performance and a long life.

Hair dryers

Applications like this need particular attention for the size and weight of the components, but a fundamental aspect is represented by safety; for this reason we can provide thermally protected and replaceable motors, thus giving protection from overheating. Moreover it is possible to request versions with EMC filters that allow the prevention of radio interferences.

Our universal motors usually come complete with sleeve bearings (in the case of a product for domestic use) or by ball bearings (if the device is destined for professional use).

Vacuum cleaners

We design and produce a wide range of vacuum motors for floor cleaning devices, floor care machines, vacuum cleaners, wet vacuum cleaners and floor brushing machines as well as for centralized vacuum systems.

Our components are developed to reach very high speeds, and with time, guarantee a long-lasting system.

Other domestic and professional appliance

Our solutions are specifically developed according to the needs of the application that is required by the customer. Our experience in motor design for electrical appliances and professional devices allows us to propose ad hoc solutions with different motors.

The features of our solutions make us the ideal partner for home appliances manufacturers;

  • “tailor made” products
  • mass production in the Far East for cost saving purposes
  • certified products for EU but also for USA/Canada markets (upon request)
  • conformity to specific and general product regulations

Hand-held liquidizers or mixers

The motors that we develop for these applications must excel in characteristics such as lightness and compactness, since they must be assembled in small devices that are held in one hand only.

But besides the size it is extremely important to have long-life components that supply high level performance at all times.
Our high voltage DC Brushed motors, guarantee very high speeds and can be completed with ball bearings (for professional devices) or sleeve bearings (in case of devices destined for domestic use)

Standing food mixers and food processors

Our components are used in food mixers and food processors; the motors for these applications must be able to express high torque levels, but they have to guarantee a low level of noise.

The motors proposed for this category of applications can be equipped with EMC filters that allow the prevention of radio interference.

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