With the acronym AGV mobile robots are identified that use intelligent control to move loads and materials. They are sources used in industrial and logistic applications, for example moving materials in a warehouse, but there are also variants of vehicles which are able to work outdoors.

There are many different types of AGV designed to suit a multitude of applications, industries, environments and loading capacities. Our components stand out for their extremely low power consumption, torque control, high resistance to mechanic stress and to high temperatures. Upon request, our solutions can be personalized even in terms of IP protection.

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV)

Automatic guided vehicles are indispensable tools in optimizing internal transport in factories, warehouses and distribution facilities.

Latest generation AGVs use advanced mechatronic components that must be reliable and safe, our range of low voltage brushless motors is the ideal solution for the needs of manufacturers of these vehicles.

Automatic guided carts (AGC)

The AGV type vehicles destined for lighter loads are called AGC due to the power of their small structure and their low profile. They are used in the movement of goods from point A to point B, and nailing of movement such as traction and transfer is entrusted to our complete range of low voltage brushless motors.

Robot per la pulizia della piscina

Questi robot elettrici sono dispositivi autonomi, progettati per un uso semplice ed efficiente, adatti per la pulizia di una piscina.
L’energia elettrica per il movimento può provenire da una batteria o da una presa elettrica. IPC realizza motoriduttori brushless per la trazione delle ruote e motori brushless per la turbina.

Robot tagliaerba

Il mercato dei robot tagliaerba per la cura delle aree verdi residenziali è oggi in forte crescita. Per questi nuovi prodotti, IPC è in grado di offrire un'ampia gamma di soluzioni:

  • motori/motoriduttori brushless per la trazione
  • motori brushless per la movimentazione delle lame
  • motori stepper per il posizionamento delle lame (regolazione dell'altezza di taglio)

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