Today in the sector of machines for ceramic tiles processing the most advanced technologies are used that allow the progressive substitution of manual processing of automatized productive processes.
In the last years great efforts have been made to extend procedures and 4.0 Industry processes in all the phases of the ceramic line.
In order to be competitive in the market we need to aim at being the reference for efficiency, cost, quality of production and energy saving. Our long experience alongside European leaders in this sector has allowed us to properly understand the problematics and the specific needs for the movement management of these devices.

Tiles packaging machines

The rotations to manage machinery used for the packaging of tiles can also be extremely complex. IPC offers solutions at 360° both with stepper motors that can reach up to 30Nm stall torque, and with the most advanced technologies like Servo Brushless.

Tiles decoration machines

In particular applications dedicated to machines for the digital decoration of ceramic materials and tiles, we offer complete solutions for the management of synchronizable axis with the printing units.

Machines for ceramic tile cutting

For machines that perform ceramic tile cutting we realize solutions for the management of axis with servo brushless and servo steppers technologies. Our components are supplied complete with Industrial Ethernet communications such as EtherCat, Profinet and Field bus CanOpen. The Safety Torque Off function is also available.

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