It is possible to improve the production of CNC machines and tool machinery by automatizing the processes, or rather it can replace the operator, having repetitive tasks done in an automatic way through motion control solutions.

IPC’s solutions for the industrial sector reply to the needs of managing the movement in a flexible way, with integrated intelligent systems on the electric motors and so it is possible to create industrial machines based on innovation and not directed only at reducing costs.

CNC electrical axis

For high performance machines the new 10 poles servo motors and high resolution encoders combined with EtherCat Servo drives offer smooth and precise movements even under dynamically demanding situations. Instead intermediate solutions can be provided with Servo Steppers with closed loop vector control: to complete the range our “low cost” solutions with closed loop stepper motors.

Axis for metalsheet processing and cutting machines

In applications for metalsheet processing and cutting machines IPC offers solutions in servo brushless and servo stepper technology complete with communication Industrial Ethernet like EtherCat, Profinet and Field bus CanOpen. For these products also the function di Safety Torque Off (STO) is available.

Pressing and bending machines

IPC offers stepper and brushless motors with integrated electronics for the machine set-up so to increase the performance of press-bending machines, flag benders and shears.
Our integrated solution, in addition to saving space makes the operator’s job more simple.

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