When we talk about automation in the food sector, we have to consider that modern industrial and professional machines are technologically advanced devices and in many cases with innovative features. The market requires applications that are faster, more efficient and precise and that can improve productive performances whilst guaranteeing safety and reliability.

From food mixers, to slush-machines, from multi-head dosing machines to automatic bread slicers for the bakery sector, IPC always finds the best solution regarding movement handling. Our partners can count on complete solutions such as servo brushless motors with integrated electronics or opt for more simple components for applications that are focused on cost-saving.

Automatic dosing machines

Automatic dosing machines make extensive use of mechatronic components for the management of applications, like opening of weighing and pre-dosing baskets, through the use of stepper motors.
For these applications often motor rotation is less than 360°. Therefore we have developed specific stepper motors with grease and ball bearings suitable for non linear and continuous lubrication.

Automatic vacuum sealing machines

In vacuum packaging we offer Servo Brushless and Servo Stepper solutions complete with Industrial Ethernet communication such as EtherCat, Profinet and Field bus CanOpen.

The new multi turn absolute “Battery-less” encoders equipped as feedback in Servo Brushless and Stepper motors allow us to have technologically advanced components and, at the same time reduce costs. The Safety Torque Off function is also available.

Machines for ice-creams-slushes

IPC has consolidated its presence in the market of manufacturers of ice-cream and slush machines developing brushless gear motors suitable for high speed but that can supply high torque at a low RPM. With focus on innovation, efficiency and maximum attention to the real wishes of the customer, today we also propose Direct Drive solutions with torque motors.


For the special needs of grinding machines and devices, we design and supply both the main motors of grinders with Asynchronous or Brushless motors and Stepper motors for regulation functions. All IPC products are customizable upon request.

Professional mixers

Performance is at the centre of the features requested by this type of device, it is however fundamental that the motors are able to reach a high speed but also a high torque at low speeds.
Professional mixers are increasingly more technological and powerful, and our Brushless motors at 230Vac offer an unmatchable performance and a long life time.

Automatic cutters

IPC’s solutions equip the most modern automatic professional cutters, used today by many players in large scale distribution and in the catering sector.
We offer components that range from simple stepper motors driven by pulse and direction, to solutions with integrated motion control. Our range is complete with servo brushless solutions  with Industrial Ethernet communication like EtherCat, Profinet and Field bus CanOpen. Available also with the Safety Torque Off function.

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