The vast sector of industrial packaging requires a very technical approach, as we need to understand the specific know-how for the automation of machinery and equipment for food packaging, bevertech packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, chemical products, the multimarket, etc.
The fundamental characteristics that however are common to all these applications are: execution speed, process safety and the perfect repeatability of the movement.
IPC’s long-serving experience in the sector has allowed us to develop customized and innovative solutions and also in market niche of automatic labeling.

Industrial automatic labelling machines and label applicators

Our stepper NEMA 23 and NEMA 24 motors represent the best choice for printers that require speed, precision and reliability.
Our low inertia motors and smooth movement guarantee continuous performance even on systems that have to work at a continuous duty cycle. We are specialized in the supply of motors and relative drives, that work at a low or high voltage, C-UL-UR certificates.

Bottling and corking machines

From the control of rotations and axis in speed and space, to the control of corking machines in torque mode, IPC offers IP65 motors even with integrated electronics in Servo Brushless and Servo Stepper technology. Moreover, we make customized motors upon request for the valve control for filling applications.

Packaging machines

In packaging machines, our wide range of solutions allows us to offer components in Stepper, Servo stepper and Servo Brushless technology according to the performances requested. Protocols of Industrial Ethernet communication such as EtherCat, Profinet and Field bus CanOpen are available and the Safety Torque Off function.

Machines for stretch packaging

In the packaging sector, and more precisely in the niche of machines for stretch packaging, we have realized many completely customized stepper solutions.
This allows us to obtain the best performances and reduce the total costs of equipping the machine.

Parcel sorting machinery

Speed and efficiency. In modern lines handling for package sorting, it is also necessary to keep size management in mind and due to the lack of space and length of these kinds of lines, a decentralized movement is preferable. IPC proposes solutions with motors and integrated electronics in the Brushless and Stepper and Servo stepper motors that represent current technological excellence.

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