We realize solutions for XYZ axis control; our motors and drives are used for movement applications for the optic sector but also for equipment in the scientific, medical and industrial fields.
For each of these applications, IPC offers top of the market motors for performances such as: movement precision/positioning, accuracy, smoothness in movement and repeatability.

Our solutions have been studied to have small dimensions, for example our stepper motors are available from size NEMA 6, the smallest stepper motor available on the market that has a flange dimension of only 14 x 14 mm.

Motorized laser attenuators

In the field of optical devices and laser movement, the components must have two main aspects which are compact dimensions and absolute precision in movement.
Our rotating and linear stepper motors, have sizes that go from Nema 6 to Nema 17, with a 1.8° or 0.9° step angle. If you are looking for extreme precision it is possible to request components with an  step angle of 0.45°. In the field of linear stepper motors we offer solutions with a trapezoidal nut and ball screw.
Our proposals also include motors with integrated electronics from Nema 11 to Nema 17 that include positioning handling functions.

Inspection machinery

In rotating inspection machinery the movement of every bottle/container is transferred typically to components with integrated electronics. It must be considered that the internal spaces in a carousel are very limited, so it is necessary that the power and communication cables are optimized; IPC can offer solutions in the TSM Integrated Servo Steppers or MDX Integrated Brushless motors  that are equipped with communication “in and out” connectors.

Laser cutting machines

Laser cutting machines are typically managed by a CNC system; according to the precision and speed that is needed IPC is able to offer the new servo motors at 10 poles and with high resolution encoders combined with EtherCat Servo drives in order to achieve smooth and precise movements even in high dynamic conditions.
Intermediate solutions can be obtained with closed loop Servo Steppers (vector control) and “cost saving” solutions with an open loop stepper motor.


The motors  used in microscopes are not limited only to forensic comparators. The optimization of vision quality can be obtained by applying automation also to objective turrets, to the head of the condenser and the focusing zoom.

The most frequent motors used are linear or else rotational stepper motors, with sizes that start from NEMA 6 in the case of a hybrid motor or a 8mm diametre in case of a motor with permanent magnets.

Rotation for video cameras and cameras

The perfect components do not only have to be able to provide speed and smoothness in movement, but guarantee absolute precision in position control.

“Smooth” stepper motors developed by Moons’ can be equipped with an encoder that allows us to have accurate feedback and to control  the system movement in a very precise manner.

Systems of optic positioning

The optic positioning systems need smooth rotation and absolute precision.
Moon’s most used stepper motors in this sector are those with a HIGH PRECISION 0.9° step angle. If needed it is possible to use even higher performance solutions with a 0.45° step angle for extreme control and accuracy.

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