The dental equipment and machinery market is a specific niche in the medical field. Also in this case solutions for management and motion control must have very precise characteristics.
The extreme precision of positioning, accuracy and repeatability of movement must be assisted in many cases by the capacity of resisting chemical agents and corrosion.
For many years IPC has been next to major manufacturers of equipment in the dental sector; stepper, ironless and brushless motors represent the best of mechatronic components for these applications.

Machines for dental radiology

In the specific sector of dental radiology machinery, IPC offers customized solutions for the rotational and internal movements; the motor types that we currently supply to our partners have been realized with rotating and linear steppers and are completely customized according to needs.

Dental tools

Small dimensions, low weight, reliability and high performance. These are just some of the main characteristics of the components used in automatic dental tools.

Our solutions go from more traditional Ironless Dc micro motors with brushes, to micro brushless motors that can be customized in order to achieve esclusive performance and design.

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