In the medical sector we are witnessing a growing presence of automatized devices and machines that are managed by avant-garde mechatronic solutions.
Whether it is automatization for clinical laboratories, of impressive machinery for surgical robots or more personal applications like breast pumps, IPC’s technology represents the solution for manufacturers of medical devices.
Resistance, precision but also lightness and efficiency are the main features of the components dedicated to this sector.

Automation for clinical laboratories

We are able to supply stepper motors, brushless motors, linear actuators, linear guides (or complete motorized parts) for  the full automation of laboratories with particular reference to chemical analyzers, Immunology, hematology and electrophoresis.

It is possible to have components which are resistant to chemical agents and corrosion, upon request, we can offer motors equipped with UL certification, integrated driv  and communication drives (RS232, RS485, CAN BUS) that provide extreme positioning precision, accuracy and repeatability.


For this application, IPC has designed a range of micro-brushless gear motors chat allow the breast pump devices to keep the suction intensity under control and reach/maintain a good breast feeding rhythm.

Our Brushless gear motors with an integrated drive are made for devices destined for domestic (3000h) and professional use (5000h). It is possible to regulate the suction electronically e and they are designed to deliver minimum vibrations, low noise levels and reduced electric consumption (useful for increasing functioning times of battery drive breast pumps)

Radiographic equipment

The machines for radiography are made up of several-controlled axis that require precision, interpolation and ignition without the need for a homing position.

IPC offers Servo Brushless and Servo Stepper solutions, even with low voltage, with Industrial Ethernet communication like EtherCat, Profinet and Field bus CanOpen.

The new “Battery-less” multi-turn absolute encoder assembled as feedback in Servo Brushless and Stepper motors provide cost-saving solutions. Also available the Safety Torque Off function.

Equipment for the disabled and stair lifts

We are able to provide low voltage motors for several applications used in equipment for the disabled and stairlifts such as; movement of main traction, revolving seat on an mobile platform.

The reliability of the components is fundamental, and they are tested to last for a long time and give smooth and precise movements.


In mobility assistance applications light and high performance components are needed to be integrated inside the equipment. In this case our Brushless DC motors, supplied in a “stator and rotor kit” version, represent the ideal choice for the integration with these devices.

Compactness, performance and high efficiency are the strengths of our solutions specially designed for use in the medical sector.

Movement for hospital beds.

Hospital beds are devices which are increasingly technological and complex. The electric movement required to meet the patients’ needs and the hospital staff is no longer limited to lifting and lowering the height of the back, but also the movement of the wheels and barriers can be automatized.

For these applications the range of brushless DC motors is ideal as it can provide compactness, low noise and smooth and precise movements.

Surgical tools and robots

In the medical field robotics continues its endless progress; there is a growing presence of automatized tools that make use of avant-garde mechatronics solutions, that are precise, compact and safe.

IPC is involved in this emerging sector with low voltage components that are integrated in the robot's arms and grippers for picking.

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