IPC offers the widest range of mechatronic solutions dedicated to professional stage lighting; the products realized by MOONS’ are designed for the specific needs of the entertainment lighting systems (such as led moving head projectors and discharged lamps), and for architectural lights (for instance external lighting systems and underwater ones for fountains).
Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in this sector, the exclusive technologies developed by MOONS’ have allowed them to obtain several patents on the motors used in the applications of SPOTLIGHT, WASHLIGHT and PROFILE moving heads.
Today MOONS’ stepper motors are the most innovative and high-performance products available on the market and those mainly used at a worldwide level by all leading manufacturers of systems for professional lighting.

Pan - Tilt

MOONS’ THREE PHASE STEPPER motors guarantee smoothness in movement that has no equals on the market, and represent the best choice for horizontal movement (right/left), and vertical movement (up/down) of the moving heads.

Our POWER PLUS stepper motors are used on the top of the range lights since, by keeping the same dimensions compared to standard stepper motors, they can supply from 25% to 40% higher  torque and superior performances.


In order to control the ZOOM  function in SPOTLIGHT and WASHLIGHT prodcuts, NEMA 8 and NEMA 11 stepper motors represent the ideal solution when looking for SPEED, SMOOTHNESS and HIGH TORQUE. Our stepper motors have specifically been developed for these applications, and they are not subject to typical problems of RESONANCE and NOISE that trouble traditional motors.

Gobo / Colour changing

MOONS’ proposes unique solutions for the needs of the applications in colour change and special effects (or GOBOS). Besides standard stepper motors, we also develop ROUND SHAPE components that are specifically designed to optimize the available space for assembly. These steppers supply the same performance as normal motors, but they are SUPER LIGHT and can make the best of the available spaces and assembly surfaces.

Framing shutter

The focal closure or FRAMING SHUTTER is an application that requires very small motors and also very high performance. The assembly spaces are always extremely restricted and NEMA 8 and NEMA 10 STEPPERS are ideal products as they offer high performance in very small spaces. The characteristics that make MOONS’ the most used by all leading light producers are; fluidity in movement, absence of vibrations and superior performance compared to competitors.

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