IPC can boast a long experience in the development of projects dedicated to MOTION CONTROL for leading companies in the production of machines in the textile sector.
The applications, even if they are different from each other, have several things in common; for example all the electromechanical components must guarantee a perfect functionality during the continuous working cycle (many of these machines are operative 24 hours a day) in conditions that are at times very difficult, where dust and dirt can be factors of risk and failures.
Moreover in today’s highly competitive textile market, quality, reliability but also the cost of mechatronic components are fundamental criteria that play a very important role in the design and production of the machine.

Circular machines for hosiery factories

The in-depth knowledge of this application has allowed us to develop various customizations on NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 stepper motors that are supplied with an encoder, given the absolute importance of the precision in movement. Upon specific request we also have made a customized rear flange where the driving electronic can be placed.
Moreover we promote innovative technologies that allow our partners to adopt avant-garde solutions in circular machines for hosiery factories; for example the use of linear stepper motors for needle movement.

Yarn finishing machines

In these applications the quality and the cost of yarns are criteria that play the most important role in the choice of machine. For this reason it is important to rely on a partner like IPC that can boast a 20-year-experience in developing projects that have the goal of maximizing motor efficiency without forgetting the importance of its production process to maximize the cost/benefits ratio.

Our NEMA 20 stepper motors and Brushless DC High Voltage (310V) have been made in order to be able to tolerate continuous workloads (heavy duty – 24h) in environments that are often hot and dusty. This reliability and strength can avoid (or considerably reduce) production stops of the machine.
Our solutions can include: IP 65 protection, an integrated encoder inside the motor.

Knitwear machines

The machinery used in knitwear production works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and therefore it is fundamental that the components can guarantee a continuous operation and have a long life.
In addition to STEPPER motors we supply also BRUSHLESS motors so as to cut out ordinary maintenance, ensuring a longer life for all the system. All the components must supply elevated performances in environments where dust can often represent a criticality. Our solutions can have IP65 dustproof–waterproof protection to be able to adapt as well as possible to more difficult environments.

Industrial sewing machines

In professional and industrial sewing machines, the dimensions of mechatronic components are very important; the movement of the material and the presser foot lever. can be activated by our compact stepper motors. These motors can be supplied also with miniaturized encoders, that allow feedback to manage the best possible movement precision. Our components can count on an unmatchable size/performance ratio.

Automatic machines for textiles

Our line of DC BRUSHLESS MOTORS(with or without an INTEGRATED DRIVER) and GEAR MOTORS, have been specifically studied to work at LOW VOLTAGE and have characteristics that adapt well to equip all battery tools used for metal sheet processing.

Among the main requisites we can find: the capacity of generating RAPID ACCELERATIONS and DECELERATIONS, the MAXIMUM POWER/VOLUME ratio, the BEST FLUIDITY in the supply of power, the MINIMUM generation of HEAT possible.

Embroidery machines

In robotic applications of the positioning of breast-pumps for milking, IPC offers solutions servoassistite with Industrial Ethernet and Field bus communication.

Our state of the art generation components guarantee a fast reply of the system, high precision, efficiency. The products Servo di MOONS have also characteristics such as Anti vibration, online Auto tuning, positioning tables and autonomous Q programs.

Button Machines

More and more automatized solutions are used in the farming sector, our stepper and brushless motor are used in applications like seed dosing.

The motors can be supplied in IP65 versions and with special precautions of corrosive environments or if there is a saline presence.

Machines for silk-screen painting

Our electromechanical solutions are the ideal choice for the complete management of the axis that must be synchronized with the printing units in digital silk-screen painting machines.

We have several proposals, according to needs it is possible to have stepper motors, servo and servo-stepper motors. All with relative drives for movement management.

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