Smoothness and precision are essential aspects when designing solutions for motion control for applications in the VENDING sectors.Vending machines have a lot in common with automation for the banking sector; for example bank machines require components with precision and movement control features, that must be reliable and long lasting.

In IPC we develop ad hoc solutions for the manufacturers of machines where movement precision is an essential factor, in many cases we equip our motors with an encoder that guarantees total accuracy in movement control.

ATMs – Bank machines

Moons’ stepper motors represent the best choice for bank machine or ATM manufacturers. These components are specifically developed for cash-in and cash-out applications, and guarantee low noise and a smooth movement.

IPC’s experience with stepper motors and gear motors used in this sector grant our partners high performance and innovative solutions, but above all they are proven and tested.

Control axis for automatic product picking

Today automatic vending machines are used not only for the food sector but also in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors and for picking and selection of valuable material. For this reason the reliability of the product’s output and precision are fundamental aspects. IPC can offer solutions not only with closed loop Servo Stepper motors but also with complete linear axis made-to-measure for the customer.

Distributors of disinfectant gel

Our NEMA 23 and NEMA 24 stepper motors represent the best solution available for existing automatic disinfectant gel dispensers.

The supply of these types of liquids can happen through battery operated devices, where it is important to be able to count on low energy consumption components, or with professional socket-powered devices (that are usually used in shops and companies), that must be able to support a high number of cycles and supply very low noise levels.

Machines for the production of plastic cards

The machines for the production of credit cards, plastic cards, identity badges and point collection cards have very precise needs regarding motion control.

Precision is fundamental, and also smoothness and the full control of movement are essential, for this reason our stepper motors, equipped with an optional encoder and EMC filter, are the ideal solution for this type of application.

Cash registers

The modern devices for the emission of receipts are very evolved machines, in which it is important that the components used have long lasting and low noise features.

Our solutions for the paper winding machines are silent and guarantee perfect functionality for many cycles, moreover they can be equipped with an EMC filter to prevent radio interference with other devices.

Automatic colour dispensers

We have a long experience in supplying NEMA 23 and NEMA 24 stepper solutions for applications in automatic colour dispensers both for liquid paint and powder paint.

The stepper motor is the ideal component for precision dosage, while gear motors can be used to move the paint in a continuous way, this prevents the product from drying.

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