Collaborative robots are no longer an exclusive in the automotive sector, nowadays they are used in various industries and carry out different tasks.
The components and manufacturing solutions used must guarantee an added value, for this reason advanced technologies are needed to be able to reply to the needs of a market which is in continuous evolution.
From more dynamic electronics to micromotors, IPC is the partner of companies that work on a daily basis in order to supply increasingly more connected integrated robots, that can help final customers achieve superior productivity, better quality, shorter time-to-market and reduced costs.


The applications related to robotic movement continue their interminabile progress with extremely precise, compact and safe solutions.

We make low voltage motors to integrate into the robots‘ arms and grippers as well as brushless motors with low or medium inertia for the command of small-sized robots.

Humanoid service robots

The essential difference between humanoids and other types of robot (for example industrial ones) is that the movement of the former must be as similar as possible to the human one.
In order to obtain this kind of movement, the solutions we propose are based on slotless micromotors and precision planetary gear boxes. These components can deliver smooth yet performing movements while keeping weight, space and consumption at a minimum.

Cartesian robots

Our solutions with Stepper, Servostepper and Servo Brushless motors technology adapt perfectly to applications in cartesian robots. According to required performances it is possible to choose the best component for the specific use. Protocols of Industrial Ethernet communication such as EtherCat, Profinet and Fieldb us CanOpen and Safety Torque Off function are available.

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