AC Motors
AC Universal Motors

IPC is an official partner of Power Motor that for over twenty years has represented a reference point for customers who use AC universal motors in their applications.

The electric motor is always part of the solution for automation, and with this philosophy our components are adaptable and customizable according to the final needs; for example, it is possible to request a specific gear ratio or an encoder, all that is needed to have a system that is easily integrable.

The universal AC motors are designed to work between 100V and 240V / from 50Hz to 60Hz, and are widely used in the sector of home appliances, automation, medical assistance and in electric tools, like for example: mixers, orange juicers, food processors, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, etc.

The design of the product can vary according to the thermal protection, the presence of enamelled copper or aluminum wire and it is possible to personalize the flange for assembly.

The dimensions of motor stacks available go from 54mm to 98mm

The speeds vary from 10,000rpm to 35,000rpm, and the consumption of energy goes from 150W to 2000W

It is possible to request different types of custom gear boxes, this combination guarantees a high torque in applications that require a high power, like for example in coffee grinders or in meat mincers.

In addition to gearboxes also the electronics are customizable, the drive can be assembled on board, it delivers precise control of the component and the possibility of being easily integrated in your machine.

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