Circulation Pumps

In order to help our partners in the realisation of increasingly cutting-edge and eco-sustainable applications, we have always been active in the design and marketing of innovative products.

Our circulation pumps are designed to meet the needs of different types of systems, combining technological innovation and energy efficiency.

Main advantages of IPC Circulation Pumps:

  • Intuitive one-button operation simplifies selection of any control mode
  • Requiring no external motor protection, it reduces installation time
  • High-torque starting improves starting in difficult conditions
  • Maintenance-free and quiet due to fixed rotor design and use of robust components
  • Quick and interchangeable connection socket with market standards makes electrical installation quick, safe and simple

Our circulation pumps are the ideal choice to meet the basic requirements of applications in heating, air conditioning, heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

The circulation pumps have different operating modes: constant curve, proportional pressure curves, constant pressure curves, automatic and night mode. The speed can be controlled by a low voltage On/Off and/or PWM signal to optimise system performance.

circulation pump
circulation pump

Product features

The circulation pumps are equipped with ceramic shaft and radial bearings, carbon thrust bushings, stainless steel rotor housings and co-moulded impellers, all of which contribute to a long service life.

The use of high-quality magnets ensures high motor and pump efficiency.

The compact design with integrated control panel on the motor side makes these circulation pumps perfect for the most common and widespread installations.

The circulation pumps body is made of cast iron and electro-painted for increased corrosion resistance and/or moulded plastic.

Our circulation pumps are particularly suitable for:

  • Domestic heating systems
  • Domestic and industrial hot water recirculation systems
  • Domestic hot water recirculation systems
  • Domestic and industrial cooling systems
  • Solar systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Heat pump integrations
circulation pump detail 1
circulation pump detail 2
circulation pump detail 3

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