Linear Stepper Motors

The linear actuators with MOONS’ stepper motors are made according to the specific needs of the robotic sector. They are designed with a combination of screws and a motor with less parts compared to traditional systems with principal screws. The integrated screws substitute the shaft and that implicates that there is no longer a need for mechanisms for external coupling.

MOONS’ range of products includes linear actuators with a stepper motor in five versions and five different dimensions. Thanks to their special stator geometry and optimized magnetic materials, these products can generate a greater force compared to actuators that are currently on the market.


Hybrid stepper linear motors

External nut


In these motors, a worm screw is integrated instead of the motor shaft. The external nut is connected to the driven mechanism, and when the motor rotates, the nut moves along the shaft (linear motion). The features of these systems are:

  • Five sizes available: NEMA 8 – 11 – 14 – 17 – 23
  • Each size has a wide range of available worm screws
  • Standard Nut and Backstop available

LinFinity linear actuators are systems designed to overcome the limitations that plague normal linear actuators such as excessive friction and heat build-up, noise, and necessary maintenance.

The LinFinity system consists of a special nut (the patent-pending LinFinity Nut), a highly polished guide screw and a Lin Engineering stepper motor.

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors


This MOONS’ system consists of a nut integrated in the rotor, and a worm screw passing through the centre of the motor; this moves an integral piston (which moves backwards and forwards). The piston is supported by a housing that is an integral part of the motor, so no other supports are needed for the screw or nut.
These components offer many advantages such as very small dimensions, quiet operation and excellent stability; better performance can be achieved while also combining great ease of use.

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors


In this case, when the motor rotates, it moves linearly along the worm screw. The screw can be completely unscrewed from the motor and can be customised for application needs, requiring the most appropriate length. In addition, the LNSM motor series can be compatible with the compensation nut and different screw options. Non-captive systems are available:

  • In five sizes: NEMA 8 – 11 – 14 – 17 – 23
  • Each size has a wide range of worm screws available
  • Each motor has a wide range of screws available command

Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

Ball screw

MOONS’ BE series products provide high torque, maximum precision and high efficiency to meet the needs of every application. The combination of different motors and ballscrews allows you to always find the solution that perfectly fits your application. MOONS’ linear motion components are designed with a focus on innovation, quality and technology.

Permanent magnet stepper linear motors

PM linear

MOONS’ linear solutions are also based on permanent magnet stepper motors. These permanent magnet linear actuators are available in non-captive and captive versions, and provide very small dimensions (diameter 20 mm to 35 mm).
The 2-step motors have a step angle of 15° and provide a pull/push force of 24N to 50N.All products are RoHS compliant.

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