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From distributors of components to “suppliers of solutions”. In the world of mechatronics, IPC has become a precious partner for all companies that need not only a product, but especially engineering consultation, design, mechanical and technical support.

Moons’ Industries

We can count on the widest range of stepper motors available on the market; from NEMA 6 to NEMA 42, hybrid, permanent magnet, anti-corrosion, high precision, power plus… Discover Moons’ worldwide excellence.

  • Moons’ Industries
  • Custom solutions

    We develop entirely customized or personalized components and mechatronic systems to meet the needs of your sector and application.

  • Custom solutions
  • IPC-Motion Control-Logistics


    Our flexibility is not limited to design and production; we can offer safety stocks of material upon request in order to be able to provide our partners with a reactive supply chain that can be managed also through kanban.

  • Logistics
  • IPC-Motion Control-Technology

    Exclusive technologies

    Thanks to the know-how of our R&D departments and our leading partners in the sector, we realize mechatronic components with cutting-edge technologies; our products can be ATEX, IP65, Vacuum, anti-corrosion, ironless, coreless etc.

  • Exclusive technologies
    • Research and Development

      Solutions for every application.

      Our engineers deal with the design and realization of special motors starting from the customer’s basic requirements; the final goal is to develop a solution with the best cost / performance ratio.

      We internally carry out extensive performance checks of our products by using dedicated testing instrumentation; moreover our staff designs and realizes drives for the control of electric motors dedicated to special applications.

      Our strength is our expertise, experience and extensive knowledge of the customer’s application; after more than 36 years in the automation sector, today IPC is a global reality and the first partner of the leading companies in the market.

      Technical Support

      Always by your side.

      We will support you in the development of your automation systems, assisting you in the choice of components and their sizing, from the conceptual planning phase to the executive one.

      We help our partners in the integration of our products by supplying detailed technical information to optimize use and simplify design.

      Our work does not end with product supply, our staff is prepared to give you all the after sale assistance you need; you can request consultation from one of our experts either over the phone or “on-site” at your production facilities. We will help you solve application problems and fine tune your system and we will be able to support you in the CE and UL certification of special products.

      Discover our products dedicated to Motion Control

      The widest range of solutions for automation

      Our approach

      From idea to movement

      • Idea

        Do you want to develop a unique application? Do you need to optimize your system or your machine? We have all the experience and expertise to help you.

      • Project

        Our team is at your disposal to find the best solution; whether it’s about customizing a component or optimizing a system, we develop a project which is dedicated to you.

      • Solution

        Our goal is to find the best solution that goes beyond your expectations. Our experts work on guaranteeing the best result taking into consideration three fundamental aspects: quality, cost optimization, and leadtimecontrol.

      • Production

        We are completing our evolution from “distributors” to “manufacturers of innovative systems”. Today we manage large customers and high volumes, but our flexibility also allows us to be alongside smaller businesses that are under development and to supply and support our customers in their production facilities all over the world.

      Our partner

      MOONS’ is one of the 3 leading worldwide companies in the Motion Control sector for the production of stepper motors, with over 10 million hybrid stepper motors dispatched every year.

      Thanks to the combination of cutting-edge technologies developed by leader brands such as AMP, Lin Engineering and Technosoft, MOONS’ is able to supply innovative solutions for all motion control applications.

      It has over 20 years of experience in the production of key components for automation such as brushless / servo drives and motors, and it is recognized in the market for its extremely high quality, efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly products.

      Since 1997 IPC has been the most important distributor and official partner of MOONS’ for the European market.

      Our partner

      Since 2001 Shenzhen Power Motor has been among the top producers of movement solutions. Its technological vocation, applicative experience and wide range of electric motors make Power Motor the ideal partner for the development of personalized products.

      The numerous product lines for which the company is known and appreciated all over the world include: Universal, Brushless DC, PMDC motors and gear boxes. These lines of products can satisfy the needs of several sectors such as small home appliances, medical devices, domotic technologies, industrial automation and electric tools.

      Since early 2000 IPC has been the first business partner for POWER MOTOR products for the European market.

      Do you want to find your solution?

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