The main partners

IPC develops essential relationships with suppliers in order to ensure the best result for his customers

International Power Components research and test only capable suppliers who fully share the same values. Among these: a complete and customized service studied to meet every need, timing and the highest quality and professionalism across all the production chain.

Here are some of the most important partners:

MOONS industries

A worldwide leading manufacturer in the motion control field, with specific focus on stepper, brushless and servo motors and related drives.
With over 20 years of experience in the production of key components for automation, Moons’ is known for creating “state of the art” products which are recognized in the global market for their efficiency, innovation and low environmental impact.


Power Motor industrial

A company highly specialized in the production of AC and DC motors and gear motors.
The factory is a state of the art facility, covering over 72.000sqm, employing over 2800 people among which more than 100 highly qualified R&D engineers. Works with the principle “Quality First, Service Based” and cooperates successfully with global leading customers in the home appliances and automotive fields.

IPM Technologies to IPC Group

A company belonging to IPC group and is mainly focusing in the production and distribution of high performance pumps for the Beverage applications.
It is also involved in the sub-assembly and testing of components for the HVAC applications, as well as in quality and compliance inspections and certifications for different products.

FengTech Motor

A manufacturer of a wide range of gears, motors and gear motors, with main focus on shaded pole, synchronous and brushless solutions which are developed for several applications. High quality, innovative solutions and superior performances are sold at competitive costs all over the world.


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